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Don’t spend hours looking for a trustable freelancer to design your presentation. We did that for you!

Here we list our favourite verified PowerPoint designers that convinced us with the quality of their work and their competitive prices.

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Over 150 Customer Ratings

SAB Studio

Fiverr PRO verified

Truly the most talented and affordable PowerPoint designer you will find on all freelance platforms. The quality of his work is outstanding and professional. He goes the extra mile to deliver an impressive presentation. 

Starts at $30 per slide.

Over 20 Customer Ratings

Adama Zurek

Fiverr PRO verified

Another great PowerPoint design professional. Her work is beautiful, detailed, exceeds her customer’s expectation most of the times. Her level of professionalism and quality makes her service 100% worth the money. 

Starts at $28 per slide.

Over 50 Customer Ratings

Tosh Design

Fiverr PRO verified

This presentation designer convinces with her graphic design experience and her passion for new design trends and simplicity. She shows high commitment throughout the whole process and delivers her work on time.

Starts at $30 per slide.

What makes these selected designers the best choice?

Simple. These designers provide a level of quality that can only be matched by a PowerPoint agency, yet they offer it for a friction of the priceAdditionally, they are PRO verified by Fiverr which means their work has been manually evaluated to make sure their portfolios are no fake.

In the end, you are basically guaranteed that you will not be disappointed with the result compared to most cheaper options. Remember the saying ‘Who buys cheap buys twice’.