The Perfect PowerPoint Setup for Professionals

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In today’s business world, PowerPoint presentations are everywhere and knowing how to build them is a crucial requirement for most job positions. Over the time, PowerPoint has evolved tremendously, now offering features and techniques that can bring your presentations to a whole new level.

In the following guide, we will show you step by step how we recommend to setup your PowerPoint environment in order to spend less time and build the most beautiful and appealing presentations.

Step 1 - Make sure your PowerPoint version is up-to-date

Microsoft has shifted its Microsoft Office software bundle from a standalone software to a subscription based service. Today, the only way to get regular updates for PowerPoint is to subscribe to Microsoft 365 (earlier Office 365). The last standalone PowerPoint version was PowerPoint 2019, the current PowerPoint version is simply referred to as PowerPoint 365. The truth is, in the long-term all companies and business will have PowerPoint 365 as their standard presentation software, so it totally makes sense for you to familiarise yourself with the latest features in PowerPoint 365. Here are a few examples:

  • Reuse Slides: You can now easily reuse slides from another presentation without leaving your current presentation. That’s a huge time saver!
  • Morph Transition: Forget PowerPoint Animations! PowerPoint Morph transitions are the new way to create motion on your slides. Morph transitions allow you to move objects between two subsequent slides which is a game changer in presentation design if you know how to use it. Have a look at our Selection of Slide Effects and the Slidefind Academy to get some inspiration.  
  • Integrated Icon Library: Without any add-in or external source you now have access to a huge library of icons from within PowerPoint
  • My Add-ins: The new PowerPoint version allows you to install Add-Ins with a few clicks directly from within PowerPoint. This is most useful for getting direct access to huge image and illustration databases inside of PowerPoint.
  • Zoom:  If you want to make your presentation interactive, you need to have the Zoom feature. The Zoom features is totally new and dynamic way of linking your slides and create clickable navigation path with smooth zoom transitions. 
  • Design Ideas: Every time you insert images or other graphics, PowerPoint will now automatically create design propositions with its AI-based Design Ideas feature. This is a huge time saver in most use cases.
If you are still using an older version of PowerPoint, we recommend to upgrade your Office version as soon as possible!
Here is the Best Offer for Microsoft 365 that we have found (in the official Microsoft Online Store).

Step 2 - Know where to look for modern Presentation Resources

This is where Slidefind comes into play. Our mission is to collect and prepare the most modern and proven Presentation Design Resources for you all at one place. We want to give you a 360° overview of the best free and premium presentation design resources and constantly update our portfolio. If you don’t want to search the internet for PowerPoint templates, color schemes, images, illustrations etc. every single time, you should bookmark our website. It will save you a lot time.

Step 3 - Install a custom Color Scheme and a modern Text Font

Your PowerPoint presentations should be something people want to look at. Text style and the color palette play a huge role in how people perceive your slides. So it makes sense to set your PowerPoint application up in a way that let’s you easily switch between best looking color schemes and fonts in a few seconds. Unfortunately, the Color Schemes and Fonts offered in PowerPoint by default aren’t too attractive most of the time, so we recommend to install your custom Color Schemes and also install modern Text Fonts that are well-appreciated in the design world.

Custom Color Schemes

We created a hand-picked Selection of proven Color Schemes for PowerPoint that you can instantly download for free and install by following the steps described in this Guide on how to install custom Color Schemes in PowerPoint.

Modern Text Fonts

The most used and proven Text Fonts in today’s graphic design world are nowhere found on Windows or Mac OSX by default. But the good news are, you can download most of them for free. We created a hand-picked Selection of our favourite Text Fonts for PowerPoint presentations. All of them are available for free download and can be installed with a few clicks by following our Guide on how to install new Text Fonts for PowerPoint.

Step 4 - Build a portfolio of good graphic resources

Images and Illustrations are required in almost any presentation. Most of the time, people either use bad quality images or randomly copy images without considering copy right issues. To solve both problems for you, we created a portfolio of the best high-quality and professional image and illustration websites on the internet that can be used without copyright issues. You can find these selections in our Design Resource sections for Images and Illustrations which are constantly updated.

Step 5 - Use prebuilt Templates to save time and sweat

Did you ever dream of building a beautiful presentation in little to no time?! Well, this is when it makes sense to consider professional PowerPoint Templates. Since almost all free Templates that are available on the web have their flaws and design issues, we looked for something more professional but still affordable. Take a look at our hand-picked Selection of the most affordable and best-looking Presentation Templates. If you value your own time any higher than 5$/ hour it will be worth it. 

Step 6 - Build the fundamental skills and never stop learning

All the previous steps are useless if you don’t know how to do a thing in PowerPoint. To help you learn the fundamentals and professional techniques in PowerPoint, we build up the Slidefind Academy where we will provide a structured portfolio of effective courses, many of them for free.