How to install new Text Fonts in PowerPoint

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Why do I need new Text Fonts in PowerPoint?

The Text Font used in your presentation plays a massive role in how people perceive what is displayed on your slides. The Text Fonts that are available in PowerPoint depend on what Text Fonts are installed on your operating system. By default you will find a big range of Text Fonts already installed on Windows and Mac, but most of them don’t meet the requirement of a modern and professional design. 

In fact, the top 3 Text Fonts used in today’s web design are not available in PowerPoint by default as they are developed by Google. Fortunately, they are available for free download and can be found as part of our hand-picked Selection of Modern Design Text Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations.

Where can I get good-looking Text Fonts?

In general, you can find a big range of free and premium Text Fonts available online that can be installed on your operating system. To save you a big amount of time, we created a Selection of Modern Design Text Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations that can be downloaded and installed for free.

How to install new Text Fonts for PowerPoint?

Text Font files (e.g. downloaded from Google) are so-called TrueType Font files and have the extension .TTF at the end of the file nameTo install a new Text Fonts, simply double click on these files and the respective Text Font will be automatically added to the font library of your operating system.

If you have your PowerPoint application currently running, close and restart it and the newly installed Text Fonts are available to be used in the Fonts dropdown section.

What else to consider for a professional PowerPoint design?

Just as important as the Text Font of your presentation is the selected Color Scheme. As most of the standard color schemes in PowerPoint look boring and old-fashioned, you should consider to use a high-quality custom color scheme with a modern and professional color palette.We prepared a hand-picked Selection of the most modern and trending custom Color Schemes for your PowerPoint presentation. We also show you how to install them in a few seconds in our Guide on how to install custom Color Schemes for PowerPoint.