The Perfect PowerPoint Setup for Professionals

In today’s business world, PowerPoint presentations are everywhere and knowing how to build them is a crucial requirement for most job positions. Over the time, PowerPoint has evolved tremendously, now offering features and techniques that can bring your presentations to a whole new level. In the following guide, we will show you step by step […]

How to install new Text Fonts in PowerPoint

Why do I need new Text Fonts in PowerPoint? The Text Font used in your presentation plays a massive role in how people perceive what is displayed on your slides. The Text Fonts that are available in PowerPoint depend on what Text Fonts are installed on your operating system. By default you will find a […]

How to install custom Color Schemes in PowerPoint

What are custom Color Schemes in PowerPoint? Custom color schemes are an essential arrow in the quiver of any PowerPoint designer. In general, working with a fixed Color Scheme in PowerPoint instead of manually picking your colors of choice has multiple advantages: You can easily switch color schemes and all colors in your presentation are […]